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Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to our customers at a competitive price. By demanding the very best from employees and vendors on consistent basis, the company intends to meet or exceed every customer's expectations.

All labor and material provided by Austen Enterprises carries a one year warranty against defect. This warranty will be stated to the customer at the time the service is scheduled along with an explanation of our rates and payment requirements. Other companies are offering similar services, but do not have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

We have a "from the top down open door structure". The President receives input from his employees and managers which is considered before making certain vital decisions. The management team consists of the President, Vice President, Project managers, and supervisors.

Austen Enterprises is proud to be a Union electrical contractor, which allows our company to hire from a pool of qualified licensed electricians when needed. Additionally, we have over 40 years' experience in the air conditioning trade on staff. This will give you peace of mind that your install will be done promptly and properly. Also, we are Elite Diamond Mitsubishi Contractors which means our technicians are highly-trained, educated and more that capable to accomplish any task at hand. We thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you!

Shawn Crow

JC Shawn Crow


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Richard Curry


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