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Best Air Conditioners in 2019

When you live in one of the warmest states in the country, a quality air conditioner is a must. If your current AC unit isn't really doing its job, or worse, it quit and left your home feeling like a blazing inferno, it's time to get the real facts on the highest-rated air conditioning systems for 2019. There were three main factors that we considered when putting together this list:

  • Cost - The cost of any air conditioning system will vary due to the size and model you choose. While some models are more expensive than others, they often offer more efficiency resulting in lower energy bills in the future. Costs mentioned in this list do not include installation.
  • Reliability - Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and it's important to check reviews on any AC system to see how reliable they are. Repair costs can quickly eliminate any money you saved on upfront costs of a poorly designed system.
  • Energy Savings - An efficient air conditioning system will not only cool your home better, it will save you money for years to come. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is a number that calculates how efficiently your system cools your home. 

Top Ten Air Conditioning Systems

1. Amana

There's plenty of reasons Amana gets the top spot on our list. With one of the best energy ratings on the market, all Amana units will save you money with years of dependable use. These units quickly remove heat and humidity from the air in your home with quiet operation and low energy costs. Amana offers durable AC units with high-quality parts and impressive extended warranties. 

  • Cost: Units start as low as $1310
  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 24.5
  • Warranty: 10 years with a limited lifetime replacement warranty for the compressor.

2. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric is another top contender in the AC world. Besides being the world leader of the popular mini-split ductless system, Mitsubishi systems boast decent SEER ratings and optimal comfort with separate cooling zones. Cost is a little more difficult to pinpoint with a ductless system as it depends heavily on how many indoor units you need. While a Mitsubishi ductless system may have a higher up-front cost, operational savings save money in the long run. For a dependable whisper-quiet system with a range of comfort levels, Mitsubishi ductless systems are worth consideration.

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 24.6 (However, this unit is designed for one room. Other units offer ratings of 23.1 and 20.5)
  • Cost: One zone units start at $1186
  • Warranty: 10 years if registered within 90 days of installation. (Warranty is extended to 12 years if installed by a METAHVAC contractor.)

3. American Standard

A well-known brand for reliability, American Standard AC units offer quiet energy efficient cooling at a reasonable price. Accucomfort technology works to provide a consistent temperature throughout your home instead of super-cooling or leaving warm spots.

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 22
  • Cost: Units start at $1300
  • Warranty: 10 years if unit is registered within 60 days. (Compressors are under 12-year warranty for the two highest tier models.)

4. Goodman

Sometimes a good price means you have to sacrifice quality. This isn't the case with Goodman AC systems. If you're hoping to save some money and still get a brand you can rely on, Goodman should be a first pick. Known for quiet performance and comparable energy savings, Goodman AC units are made in the U.S. and back their claims with one of the best warranties on the market.

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 19
  • Cost: Units start as low as $1190
  • Warranty: Starting at 10 years if registered within 60 days. Units in the DSXC series have a lifetime warranty if you're the original buyer still living the same residence where the unit was installed.

5. Rheem

Rheem is a company that's been around to stand the test of time. Founded in the 1930s, Rheem has produced some of the most modern and capable units. With efficient SEER ratings, easy maintenance features, and affordable prices, Rheem is a choice many consumers are glad to depend on.

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 20
  • Cost: Units start as low as $1085
  • Warranty: 10-year unit and part replacement, as long as the unit is registered within 60 days.

6. York

If you want confidence in your AC's reliability and dedication to comfort, see what York has to offer. With many models to choose from, York offers some of the quietest systems on the market. Variable flow technology makes it possible to offer alternate temperatures in different rooms. The combination of a low startup cost and great energy savings makes York a serious contender.

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 20
  • Cost: Units start at $1060
  • Warranty: 10 years (top models offer a lifetime compressor warranty.)

7. Trane

Perhaps the most well-known air conditioning unit in the business, Trane offers reliability backed with a 10 year warranty that is transferable to a subsequent owner. With many systems to choose from, Trane might be a little pricier than other models, but offer high energy savings for a reasonable trade-off. 

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 22
  • Cost: Units start at $1495
  • Warranty: 10 year

8. Carrier

Carrier is a well-known brand with comparable energy ratings to others in its class. Carrier offers excellent temperature and humidity control with one of the quietest systems on the market.

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 21
  • Cost: Units start at $1375
  • Warranty: 10 year limited warranty

9. Lennox

For energy efficiency that's hard to beat, a Lennox AC might be your best bet. The cost for a Lennox unit is a little pricier than some value brands, but if you can afford the upfront cost, you will likely reap the rewards with energy savings in the long run. With many models to choose from, Lennox seeks to find the right fit for every homeowner.

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 26
  • Cost: Units start at $1475
  • Warranty: 10 years (Exclusions apply)

10. Bryant

If you're looking for an affordable system with some great energy-saving options, Bryant has many options to fit your needs. Bryant has many models with some of the pricier options offering completely silent operation.

  • Top SEER Energy Rating: 21
  • Cost: Units start as low as $1195
  • Warranty:10 years if your unit is registered within 90 days of installation. If you skip the registration, the warranty drops to 5 years.

With so many options to choose from, there's no reason to suffer Florida's heat without a quality air conditioning system. If you're not feeling the indoor comfort you need, get in touch; we're happy to help you choose the best A/C unit for your home.

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