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Air Conditioner Installed in Miami Condominium

HVAC Systems for Condominiums

If you are a property manager or own a condominium, choosing the right HVAC system is an important decision; the right air conditioning system will save you time and money. Furthermore, you want to offer your tenants comfort and reliability while providing yourself with the amount of control you desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While every situation is unique, we've found the following questions are asked by most property owners when they're looking to upgrade the HVAC system in their condominiums.

How Much Should My Tenants Control?

The first decision you'll come to is whether you want to give your tenants shared services or individual services. You might be asking yourself, what's the difference? The difference between these services might sound small, but in reality they create drastically different outcomes and greatly affect the happiness of your occupants.

The overwhelmingly popular choice is individual services. This essentially gives control of the thermostat to each individual tenant. They control the temperature of their individual unit so their home is always exactly as they desire it to be. This is obviously beneficial for them, but it's also cost effective for you because you don't have to worry about paying to keep unoccupied units cool or warm. If you're worried  tenants might abuse this and keep their homes too cool in the summer you can choose to set up individual metering to keep track of each tenant's exact usage and bill them accordingly. Or, you can set up a few temperature parameters.

How Much Control Can I Have?

Even if you choose an individual service for your tenants, you should ask yourself if you still want to maintain a certain level of control. If you're not billing your tenants for their individual usage, the answer is likely a very loud yes. Master controls allow you to give your tenants control of their individual thermostat with a few guidelines or rules set in place. For instance, you might not want the thermostats set too low in the summer, knowing that will cause your HVAC systems to run almost continuously throughout the day and cost you more money.

To ensure you remain in control, at least to some extent, you'll need to purchase a multi-level unit HVAC system with master controls. This provides you with the opportunity to set some boundaries while still allowing your tenants the freedom to control their thermostats and live comfortably within their units.

How Much Space Will the HVAC System Need?

Obviously you have a limited amount of open space available for HVAC systems and want to keep your property looking nice. No one likes clutter. This means, ideally, your outdoor condenser, heat pump, and other equipment should fit into convenient spaces such as your roof, a window ledge, or directly next to the building. The HVAC system shouldn't look unsightly or make it difficult for tenants to maneuver around.

Interior units should be even less obvious. To achieve this goal, you should consider a multi-unit ductless-system. The indoor hanging units that make up these systems can be hidden with minimal effort. You can install them on walls, along floors, or over doorways. Out of sight, out of mind.

How Loud Will the HVAC be?

People generally look for a few key qualities when deciding which condo to call home. One of these deciding factors is often noise level. This includes traffic noises, neighbors, and HVAC systems. No one wants to lay in bed, ready to drift off to sleep, only to be disturbed by a loud HVAC unit in or outside their home. Noises like that make a zen environment nearly impossible and create irritation to fester in your condo residents. To create a truly relaxing environment for your occupants, and to appeal to new tenants, you will want to invest in a quiet HVAC system.

How quiet? Ideally, you barely want to hear them. Mitsubishi makes a multi-unit ductless HVAC system with interior units that are quieter than a human whisper and outdoor units that are no louder than ambient conversation in a restaurant. Your tenants will appreciate the quiet atmosphere, and you won't get bombarded with noise complaints. It's a win-win situation.

What Software Upgrades Are Available?

In today's world of technological advancements, you can complete a variety of tasks on your phone or computer. It makes life much easier and tasks much easier to achieve, especially when you need the option to work remotely. The software you should look for in an HVAC system is one that allows you to control the system through the cloud. This type of software is beneficial to you in many ways. It alerts you to malfunctions immediately, so you can act fast, and gives you the opportunity to make a variety of changes to the system remotely.

How Efficient is the HVAC?

Regardless of how you charge your tenants for utilities, you need an efficient HVAC system. Efficient systems are great because they not only save you and your tenants money, but they help save this beautiful planet we all call home. Both are respectable goals and should be a top priority when deciding which HVAC system to choose for your condo. One way to ensure your HVAC system is efficient is to opt for a heat pump with a variable speed compressor and inverter technology.

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