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Custom Comfort in Each Room

My Wife's Not Hot. I Am.

Are you so hot you can't even stand to be in the same house as your wife? It's a common problem for some rooms to stay cooler than others but it's even more common for family members to disagree on a temperature that actually feels comfortable. This can leave you with a home office that feels like an oven because your wife is freezing in the living room.

If you think the only solution is to live in separate homes for the summer, think again. What you really need is an air conditioning system that will allow each family member to control the temperature in the room they're using.


If temperature control in each room seems like a dream that's impossible to acquire, you probably haven't heard of mini-split ductless air conditioning systems. The ability to place a unit in each room will allow you to convert your oven back to a home office while the rest of your family chooses the temperature that suits them best.

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How It Works

You installed the large windows in your home office to maximize the natural light provided by the Florida sunshine. Unfortunately, you neglected to consider the impact of the blazing sun on the temperature of such a small room. You combat the heat by turning up the AC. Meanwhile, the dining room on the other side of your room is still comfortably shrouded in shade, and soon enough your wife is complaining that icicles are about to start growing from the ceiling fan.

Now, imagine your home with custom temperature control. After lingering over breakfast with your family, you slip away to your home office to get some work done. The day is proving the weatherman right with temperatures warming quickly into the nineties. The office is already feeling the heat, so you grab your personal remote and turn up the AC. You close the door behind you, and no one is affected by the temperature change except you.

It seems too good to be true, but Mitsubishi Electric Mini-Split Ductless AC systems are designed for optimum comfort in each room or zone. Much like a central AC system, a mini-split ductless system consists of an internal and external unit. However, the technology provided by the indoor units makes all the difference. While a central air conditioning system depends on one indoor unit to push cooled air through ducts to each room, a mini-split system may have as many as four indoor units. Each of these units is equipped with its own fan, evaporator coil, and (perhaps most importantly) personal remote.

Separate indoor units provide your household with more flexibility than ever before when it comes to meeting individual AC needs. Maybe your family members prefer radically different temperatures for a good night's sleep. Perhaps your teenager blasts the air conditioner when he invites his team members over after a game. Separate indoor units even give you the ability to only use the air you really need. You can turn off units in the rooms you aren't currently using and keep the rest of the house completely comfortable. Whether your goal is to eliminate those hot spots created by elements beyond your control or to finally end the family temperature dispute, a mini ductless system could be the solution.


Advantages of Mini Split Ductless AC System

You're probably thinking it doesn't get any better than a personal remote for the air conditioner, and you might be right. However, there are many great benefits to ductless systems in addition to having that home office remote.

Individual Zoning

Custom comfort is a big deal in a hot climate, but individual zoning has other benefits too. Have you ever noticed how hot the kitchen gets when you're using the oven? Individual zoning can help with temporary cooling needs. Do you have a workshop or laundry room that you aren't using all the time? Individual zoning gives you the ability to only cool each area when you need it.

Cutting Costs

Ductless AC systems are more energy-efficient since cool air is deposited directly from the unit instead of relying on ducts throughout the home. This means you could save big on your monthly energy bill. Since you're being environmentally conscious, you can reap additional benefits in the form of tax credits or rebates.

Quiet Operation

Since the noisy components of a ductless system are located in the outside unit, your indoor units provide quiet comfort throughout the home. Whether you're busy concentrating in the office or have a toddler napping in the bedroom, you can count on Mitsubishi Electric Ductless systems to keep your home as quiet as a library.

Easy Installation

If you've been putting off replacing aging window units with a central air system because of a lengthy complicated installation process, consider a ductless system instead. Since ductwork isn't required, there are far fewer components to deal with. Your entire system could be up and running within one day.

Improved Air Quality

Traditional AC systems require a lot of cleaning. If this cleaning is neglected, indoor air can actually have lower quality than the air outside. Ductwork commonly contains dust, allergens, and even bacteria. A ductless system eliminates the problems withing the ducts and cleans air further with multi-stage filtration.

If you're hot and your wife's not, the solution isn't moving out. A mini-split ductless system can provide you with the custom comfort your entire family craves without living in separate buildings for the summer. Austin Enterprises is an authorized Mitsubishi Electric Dealer familiar with the uniquely demanding climate in Broward County and the Miami-Dade area. Contact us today for more information about the benefits of a ductless system or to schedule a free estimate to get you on the way to eliminating the temperature disputes in your Florida home.

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