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Ductless AC Unit in South Florida Sun Room

Mini-Split Ductless

Florida temperatures can soar! During the summer months, thermometers hover around a blazing 90 degrees. That means South Florida-area residents rely heavily on their home's cooling system to stay cool. But a traditional air conditioning system isn't your only option for keeping temperatures down. A mini-split unit may be a better option for your home or business, plus they are often more affordable and eco-friendly.

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How Mini-Split Systems Work

Mini-splits are ductless systems. That means they don't use your home's internal duct-work to send out the cooled air. Instead, it's a two-piece system consisting of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. You can install the internal unit either on the wall, floor, or ceiling. The indoor unit blows the warm air from your space over the evaporator coils to cool it. The heat from the warm air is then sent out to the outdoor unit where it's safely dispersed.

The Advantages

Cleaner Air: Ducts get dirty, and that dirt can affect your indoor air quality.

No Need for Ductwork: That means you can install them in areas without ducts, including basements, garages, and even sheds. Also, that means less labor will be needed which in turn means no mess in your home.

They can Heat and Cool: Mini-split ductless units aren't just for summer! They can also warm your home on cool nights.

Affordable and Eco-Friendly

Mini splits, also known as ductless air conditioning units, are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. They use less energy to cool your space. That's good news for the environment. But it's also good news for your wallet! Using less energy to cool your space means your energy bill won't soar along with the temperatures.

If you are having problems cooling your home with your current air conditioner, buying a bigger unit may be a waste of your money. A single mini-split could be the simple, affordable and practical solution that you need. 400 square feet of cooling starts at under $2,000.

Customizable Comfort

Mini-splits are easy to control. And because you can install an individual unit in each room, you can customize your comfort level. Control the unit via remote control or an app on your smartphone. Set the temperature individually for each room in your home.

This level of comfort customization isn't possible with a traditional A/C system. With those, the temperature you set is the temperature you get all over the house. But mini-splits allow you to keep your bedroom cooler while your basement stays warm.

Perfect Cooling Solution For Businesses

Mini-splits are ideal for commercial properties as well. Cooling your business can become a major expense that impacts your bottom line. But mini-splits allow you to cool your office or retail space without causing your operating costs to soar. Smaller units can cool up to 400 square feet, making it an affordable option. Our team can help you find a custom solution for larger spaces, as well. We can help you keep your employees and customers happy all summer long no matter how hot it gets outside!

Top-Quality Ductless A/C Units from Industry Leaders

Austen Air Conditioning is an Elite Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. Mitsubishi Electric is an industry leader when it comes to developing quality mini-split air conditioning systems. We've installed these systems and many Miami-area homes. We remain impressed with their quality design, ease of use, and superior mechanics. Our team knows that once we install a unit, they are going to make our customers happy. The ductless A/C system will continue to provide them with clean, cool air for years to come.

Unmatched Quality Products and Unbeatable Customer Service

Along with our quality mini-split units, you get Austen Air Conditioning's unmatched customer service. We've established our business as one of the best ductless A/C installation teams in the South Florida area. We're not just here for the installation, either. We can provide you with the repair and maintenance services that you need, too, to keep your space cool and comfortable.

Our technicians are continuously training on the latest cooling technology. This helps us ensure that no matter what problem you are experiencing with your cooling systems, we know the best ways to fix it. Our training also helps us determine the best solutions for our clients, whether it's for their home or their business. Our experience, on-going training, and knowledge of the industry is what sets us apart.

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