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Solved: One Hot Room

South Florida residents and business owners rely on their air conditioning system for indoor comfort; when temperatures soar as high as they do in Florida, air conditioning is a way of life. A good air conditioning system should evenly cool your home or business, keeping each room at the same temperature, but that usually doesn't happen.

Many people in Florida struggle to keep certain rooms cool, no matter how they set their air conditioning system. The result is a hot room, unusually high energy bills, and plenty of frustration.


Is Your Room Hot Even When the AC Is On?

There are many factors that can create these hot rooms in your home or business. Usually the room get excessively hot because of too much sun exposure, often because of windows. But it is quite possible that the central air conditioning unit is too small for your space or the room isn't insulated correctly and allows cool air to escape.

Along with size, location, and structural elements that can prevent the room from cooling off, sometimes an AC just can't do the job! But that doesn't mean you have to live with a hot room. Austen Enterprises has an affordable, eco-friendly option for your home or business: the mini-split air conditioning unit. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our Florida HVAC team and tell them you'd like a free on-site estimate for ductless air conditioning solutions.


Common Hot Rooms in Florida Homes

  • Garages. Most garages aren't built for ventilation. That means as they warm up in the Florida sun, they tend to stay warm. You can open the garage door, but this creates a security concern. Many garages aren't hooked into the home's AC system, either, and for good reason. The lack of insulation will drive up your energy bills without any cooling benefit.
  • Sunrooms. Sunrooms are wonderful spaces to enjoy the beautiful Florida scenery in all weather. But all the windows generate a lot of passive solar heating, quickly heating up the room. Often, these spaces become even hotter than the temperatures outside, meaning your AC system doesn't stand a chance of cooling it down.

Common Hot Rooms in Florida Businesses

  • Elevator mechanical rooms. These rooms hold a lot of machinery, all of which puts off a lot of heat. They are often windowless and without a lot of ventilation, either. That means the heat has nowhere to go and continues to raise the temperatures in these rooms. But elevator mechanics work best when the equipment is operating around room temperature. You definitely don't want it to get hotter than 90 degrees. So if your elevator mechanical room is heating up past that point, it can become a safety issue for the equipment.
  • Offices. If you have offices in your Florida commercial building, there is a good chance they are hot. Offices often have windows to let in the natural sunlight, but they allow plenty of heat as well. Many offices aren't ventilated correctly, so the temperature inside the office is normally warmer than the rest of the space. And if you need to have closed-door meetings, you can count on the temperatures continuing to rise.

Mini Splits are the Best Solution to Your Hot Room Problems

Hot rooms are a struggle in Florida! Whether it's a garage, an office, or even a bedroom, you don't want to suffer from the Florida heat. The solution is a mini-split ductless air conditioning unit. These work in conjunction with your current AC system to cool down even the hottest hot spots in your commercial building or home. The unit comes with two pieces, an interior one and an exterior one, which we can mount almost anywhere. Once installed, the mini-split then moves the warm air that's inside the room over the interior evaporator coils. The cooled air is then redistributed into the room while the hot air goes outside.

Ideal for Hot Rooms and Small Spaces

The mini-split system is ideal for hot rooms that are difficult to cool off. That's because it's a system built to cool an individual room. State-of-the-art ductless systems will constantly measure the temperature of the room and distribute the cold air as it's needed. That makes it easy to regulate the temperature of the room. You won't affect the temperatures of the other rooms around it, either. So you can cool off your hot room without freezing out the rest of the building. Plus, mini-split systems offer benefits such as:

  • No need to run expensive and dangerous portable air conditioning units
  • No blocking the view with window air conditioning units
  • Easily adjust the temperature of the room with a remote control

Eco-Friendly Room Cooling (Without the Big Expense!)

Mini-split systems are an ideal cooling method, especially if you are looking for something that's eco-friendly. They only work when you need them, so you aren't wasting energy on cool air you don't need. Plus, they are incredibly efficient. That means you can run the system when and where you need it without running up a big energy bill. And with rising energy costs, that's good news for both Florida residents and building owners. It's good news for the environment, too.

Expert Installation from a Trusted South Florida HVAC Team

Struggling with hot spots in your home or commercial space? Then contact the Austen Enterprises team. We've helped many of our Florida customers with their hot room issues. They love the results their mini-split system provides. Our friendly and professional HVAC installation team will ensure you have the unit that's right for your space. They'll also make sure it's installed correctly and that you know how to use it before we leave. And if you experience any problems with your mini-split system, we'll be there to fix it. You'll see why our team is one of the most trusted when it comes to South Florida air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair.

Contact Us Today for a Free On-Site Estimate

We'll visit your site and discuss your cooling options with you. Then we'll provide you with a free estimate on the installation of your own mini-split unit. Once you are happy with our estimate, we'll get to work right away. Say goodbye to struggling with hot rooms in your home. It's time to say hello to easy, affordable, and efficient cooling. Call (305) 805-8166 to get started!

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