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How Much Do Mini Split Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems Cost?

In the South Florida area, quality Mini Split Ductless units for a single zone range from $1900 to $4500, but typically, they start at about $2500 and go up from there.

That includes installation. However, if you need multiple zones, want a larger unit, or have a property with installation difficulties, the price increases. A multi-zone Mini Split Ductless heating and cooling system with two indoor evaporator units costs between $6000 and $8000, with installation, while a five-zone system costs about $14,000 to $21,000. However, when looking at these costs, you should keep the long-term savings in mind. Often, people save 20% to over 30% in energy costs, compared to central forced air heating-and-cooling systems. You may bump into quotes that are lower than that. Some sites claim that a Mini Split Ductless system costs less than $2000 and installation is only $159. To put it simply, that price is for the cheapest, least efficient units on the market, and no quality contractor can work for that type of fee. If you decide to choose a company that offers those types of prices, be aware that you may end up facing inefficiencies and other major issues in the long run.

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