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Should I Let HVAC Contractors into My Home During the Coronavirus?

Yes. Air conditioning is a necessity during this confusing time. However, offices are typically closed to the public, and every staff member who can is working from home. Austen Enterprises is working harder than ever to safely provide the air conditioning services you need.

As the COVID-19 virus sweeps across the globe the definition of safety is changing rapidly in every country, state, and city. Residents are left wondering how to keep their families safe during a time when concrete information is scarce and expert advice changes from day-to-day. Conditions in Florida vary considerably with many businesses closed and some counties under shelter in place restrictions. Still, it's important to remember that essential businesses remain open across the state, and workers are taking precautions to keep the safety of every Florida citizen the top priority.

Stay at Home Orders in Florida

Like many states in the U.S., Florida is seeing numbers of people with the virus that vary widely from one city to the next. As confirmed cases of the virus began to rise, local officials in many counties took matters into their own hands with shelter-in-place orders for the hardest hit counties. The governor followed this action with a stay-at-home order for the southern part of the state.

The differing terms from one area to the next is causing some confusion. Some counties say shelter in place, others say stay at home. The request may be called a recommendation in some places and an order in others. Still, the basic message is the same. Non-essential businesses are closed and residents should only leave their homes for essential services like grocery shopping, doctor visits, and to pick up medications or food. As people go out in public, social distancing is essential and should be maintained in every public and business setting.

HVAC Contractors Provide Essential Services During COVID-19

When most people mention essential services during a pandemic, the first things that come to mind are medical professionals and grocery stores. Still, there are many professionals that provide essential services to your home as well. Early spring in Southern Florida already has temperatures soaring into the eighties. Sheltering in place during a pandemic could quickly become uncomfortable if your air conditioner fails and your home turns into an oven. Still, it's normal to wonder if inviting an HVAC technician into your home is the right thing to do.

COVID-19 Precautions Used by HVAC Contractors to Keep You Safe

During this pandemic, essential workers are acutely aware of the need to stop the spread of coronavirus. The health and well-being of customers and employees are always the top priority for businesses remaining in operation. During a pandemic, essential businesses carry the heavy burden of risking their own safety to meet the needs of others. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) set guidelines for all essential businesses to create a business plan that keeps customers and employees safe from COVID-19.

For services that require home visits, this means using a variety of techniques to put two plans in place. You've probably considered that HVAC technicians most likely have to visit the office for supplies and work in different homes in the area. In these uncertain times, it's a natural reaction to mentally tally up the possibility of germs in multiple locations. Our technicians are acutely aware of the potential risks, which is why we put the most stringent safety practices to use in the office, company vehicles, and, most importantly, in the homes of our customers.

Keeping Our Offices Germ Free

It's true that technicians must visit the office during the workday for supplies in between repairs and installations. Still, this doesn't mean that groups of workers are spending the day at the office. HVAC facilities take the following precautions to avoid spreading germs between employees.

  • Sick workers must stay at home. If coronavirus symptoms are observed, workers will be tested and quarantine appropriately.
  • Employees with sick family members must stay at home.
  • Technicians stagger visits to the office to avoid large groups in the building at once.
  • Employees who can perform tasks remotely, work at home.
  • Stringent disinfecting practices are followed throughout the building. All employees are responsible for disinfecting high-traffic areas, company vehicles, and essential tools.
  • Team meetings have been postponed until further notice.

Safety Precautions for In-Home Visits

Your home is your shelter, and HVAC technicians intend to keep your space safe. Our top priority is the safety of our customers and employees. Essential workers greatly understand the responsibility of avoiding community spread of COVID-19. HVAC technicians take the following precautions to avoid the spread of germs in your home.

  • We discuss the potential symptoms of every customer before we visit the home to avoid spreading germs from one home to another.
  • We greet you at the door with a detailed explanation of the services we'll perform.
  • Our technicians practice social distancing techniques at all times.
  • Every technician is supplied with hand sanitizer, shoe covers, and gloves.
  • Since the most common way to spread the virus is through physical contact, we take care to avoid unnecessary contact with alternate methods for paperwork.

If you live in the Miami-Dade or Broward County area, and you're experiencing problems with your HVAC system, don't suffer alone. In a time when the comforts of home are more vital than ever, Austin Enterprises remains open to serve the needs of the community. All of our team members practice the most current safety and sanitation precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus and keep Florida families safe.

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