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Indoor Air Quality FAQ's

Isn't UV Light Dangerous?

Yes, it can be. We've all been warned about the hazards of getting too much sunlight, which is a natural source of UV radiation. HVAC UV lights emit the same type of light and therefore, can also be dangerous.

Are HVAC UV Lights Expensive?

The cost of installation, operation, and maintenance of HVAC UV lights varies, depending upon the situation. However, you can expect to pay somewhere between $60 and $400 for the lights and installation.

Do HVAC UV Lights Need Special Care?

Like the rest of your HVAC system, UV lights need to be properly maintained in order to work efficiently.

How Long Does it Take for UV Lights to Work?

Unlike other treatments that can take days or weeks to work, UV lights immediately begin to eliminate harmful contaminants from your air.

How are UV Lights Installed in an HVAC System?

The process of installing HVAC UV lights is fairly straight-forward, but it does need to be performed by an HVAC professional.

What Types of HVAC UV Lights are Effective?

There are two main types of HVAC UV lights that are used to improve indoor air quality.

Is a High-Quality Air Filter Enough?

Although using a high-quality air filter is certainly a good idea, remember that air filters can only remove larger particles from the air. Things like pet hair, pet dander, dust, and other debris are trapped within the filter, so they can't make their way into your home or business.

What are HVAC UV Light Purifiers?

HVAC UV lights emit ultraviolet light, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. This is the same light that comes from the sun, but it's produced by special equipment and lights.

Are Contaminants in My HVAC System Really Dangerous?

The National Institute of Health says that the dark, moist environment inside your HVAC system is an ideal home for microbial growth.