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A/C Service in Miami Beach

Austen Enterprises has been providing a/c service for the city of Miami Beach and throughout Miami-Dade County since 2003.

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Austen Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated company and has been serving Miami Beach since 2002. We are a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor which means we offer Mitsubishi Electric's high quality and reliable split-ductless products and we provide the finest sales, installation, and service in the industry.

Call (305) 805-8166 to schedule a service appointment or to get a free in-home estimate for a new air conditioner.

Authorized Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor
Authorized Rheem Distributor
Authorized Trane Distributor
Authorized Goodman Distributor
Authorized Amana Distributor

The City of Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1915. Over the past 108 years the population has grown to include 91,026 residents, making Miami Beach the 23rd largest city in the state.

There are 7 Zip Codes in Miami Beach

Click each zip code for more information.


Latitude: 25.76135

Longitude: -80.14247

Population: 408

Median Age: 71.3 years old

Average Family Size: 2.12 people

Average Household Income: $200,577


Latitude: 25.78521

Longitude: -80.14919

Population: 39,427

Median Age: 39.9 years old

Average Family Size: 2.82 people

Average Household Income: $53,327


Latitude: 25.81599

Longitude: -80.13902

Population: 19,938

Median Age: 43.8 years old

Average Family Size: 2.93 people

Average Household Income: $76,960


Latitude: 25.85114

Longitude: -80.14141

Population: 39,768

Median Age: 40.8 years old

Average Family Size: 3.04 people

Average Household Income: $49,861


Latitude: 25.88276

Longitude: -80.13443

Population: 14,634

Median Age: 43.4 years old

Average Family Size: 3.12 people

Average Household Income: $76,690


Latitude: 25.78667

Longitude: -80.13351

Median Age: 0.0 years old

Average Family Size: 0.00 people


Latitude: 25.79089

Longitude: -80.14139

Median Age: 0.0 years old

Average Family Size: 0.00 people

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