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Austen Enterprises - Air Conditioning and Electrical Contractors

Austen Enterprises - Air Conditioning and Electrical

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Electrical Service, Repairs and Installation

Austen Enterprises provides Electrical Service, Repairs and Installation

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Financing a New Air Conditioner - You Have Choices

At Austen Enterprises, we offer a wide range of financing options that will allow you to get your air conditioner paid for and ensure that you're able to enjoy living in your home again, rather than suffering through the heat.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

Read the Most Frequently Asked Questions Our Clients Ask About Air Conditioning, Mini-Split Ductless Units, and A/C Maintenance.

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My Wife's Not Hot. I Am.

It's a common problem for some rooms to stay cooler than others but it's even more common for family members to disagree on a temperature that actually feels comfortable. Mini-split ductless AC units will help.

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Learn More About Mitsubishi Electric's Single Zone System

Mitsubishi Electric's line of single zone cooling and heating systems offer individual comfort control to a more personal defined space. Each system includes one indoor air handling unit connected by refrigerant lines to a compact outdoor condensing unit.

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Top 10 Air Conditioners for 2019

Get the real facts on the highest-rated air conditioning systems for 2019. Keep cool and save money on your energy bill with these efficient units.

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Privacy Policy for Austen Enterprises

We respect your privacy and never sell your information to third parties. Read the full privacy policy for Austen Enterprises.

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